Mr. Amit Gautam, with his zeal for the maintenance of high standard and quality control, attends to various administrative functions like class timings and provisions of practical equipments. He is also entrusted with the task of ensuring the welfare of staff and students. Mr. Amit Gautam takes a huge interest in the personal needs of the students and helps them solve the problems that are brought to his notice. Staff members also look for his guidance and encouragement.

Students of I - Tech will be in a position to assemble a computer by the end of completing 20 to 25 days of training. Students are also allowed to repair their own faulty computers at the service provider with the help of instructors, that is if necessary. Students are also given enough practical training in order enable them to locate faults at the chip level. They are also provided with ample opportunities for fixing faulty computers. Almost everyday, there are new developments in computer technologies taking place. We therefore offer our students with video labs where recorded lectures are available on every new mobile/computer/Laptop models and technology. This helps the candidate become capable of repairing any type of mobile phones, Computer & Laptop.

(Duration: 3 Months)
Laptop Repairing Course (Chip Level)

1. Basic Electronic (Solid State Components & SMD Components Working & Testing) 2. Chip Level Practical (Using Solder Iron SMD Machine)
3. SMPS & Laptop Adapter 4. Using Oscilloscope & Diagnostic Card
5. Motherboard (Description of Motherboard) 6. Laptop Motherboard
7. Identification of Ports, Socket, Slots and Jacks 8. Practice of Soldering and De-soldering
9. Troubleshooting (Chip Level) 10. Fault Finding Tips (Software & Hardware)
11. Advance Laptop Service Training Chip Level 12. Common Laptop Notebook Chip.
13. Cool Testing of Motherboard 14. Identification of All Types of IC’s
15. Business Policy & Service Center Tips 16. Data recovery

Laptop Repairing Course (Card Level)
(Duration: 3 Months)

1. Basic Knowledge of Laptop 2. Laptop Parts
3. Assembling and Dissembling Of Laptops 4. BIOS Setting
5. Partition Magic 6. Windows Installation
>7. Window File Repair 8. Operating System Backup & Restore
9. Offline Installation Driver Software 10. Online Installation Driver Software
11. Driver Backup & Restore 12. Installation of Application Software
13. Virus Problem 14. BIOS Password Break
15. User & Administrator Password Break 16. Troubleshooting of Operating Systems
17. Troubleshooting of Application Software 18. Troubleshooting of Laptop Card Level
19. Service Center Class